The Effect of Parental Involvement on Students' Achievements in Pakistan, (A Mixed Method Approach)

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Muhammad Tayyab
Mahboob Ahmad
Prof. Dr. Salman Masood Sheikh
Muhammad Imtiaz


Parental involvement has been an integral part of the learning activities in the dynamic environment of schools. This article investigates the effect of parental involvement on student achievements in the educational setting of schools. This research analyzes the multifaceted relationship between parental engagement and student outcomes through a comprehensive approach of mixed-method by using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Through a meticulous approach surveys, interviews and performance metrics are used to conduct a detailed analysis in 20 educational institutes in Lahore City, Pakistan. The study examines existing literature, adopts a hard data collection methodology by using quantitative as well as qualitative skills by exercising diverse analytical techniques and presents findings to understand the complex dynamics involved in parental engagement and its effect on student outcomes. The study provides valuable perspectives for teachers, parents and policymakers who aim to improve the educational experiences and learning outcomes of students in the future.

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Muhammad Tayyab, Mahboob Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Salman Masood Sheikh, & Muhammad Imtiaz. (2024). The Effect of Parental Involvement on Students’ Achievements in Pakistan, (A Mixed Method Approach). INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 575-588. Retrieved from