The Participant of the Abyssinian (Habshah) Migration and their Tribes: An Exploratory Study

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Dr. Abad ur Rahman
Faisal Mehmood


The way the Arab nation enjoys its importance. History is testimony that Jahaililat was the ruler of Arab history for the time. After the appointment of Islam and the shadow under the Messenger of Allah , the people got the opportunity to celebrate it. In this article those companions (immigrants sahaba Rz) of Muhammad (peace be upon him) will be introduced to their tribe category and a short autobiography who came to the land of Ethiopia in first and second migration. In the early history of Islam, immigration has great significance. Books in Sahrat ibn Hisham and Ibn Ishaq are mentioned only names of these immigrants. Due to the sacrifices the spirit of Islamic history is maintained. If the sacrifices of companionship are removed from Islamic history, then one body will remain unstable.

After studying the Islamic history, it is clear that after the Prophets, the Companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) were the great people whose sacrifices do not need to be praised. Watered with his own blood. These sacrifices also include the sacrifices that occurred in the form of migration to Abyssinia and migration to Medina. These are the foundations on which the structure of the Islamic system is established and permanent. It is mentioned that those who left their native religion and sacrificed their homes for the sake of a foreign religion (the religion of Islam) got the honor of becoming the trustees of Islamic traditions.

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