حافظ عبدالباسط عزیز*


The author of Fatawa Naziria is Mian Nazeer Hussain Dehlvi. He was born in district Mongir on 1220 AH (1850 AD). He died on Monday at Dust on Rajab 10,1320 AH (October 13, 1902 AD). Fatava Naziria is one of his masterpieces which was given shape of black and white by his pupils in 1913. He said 27 years before his demise that if the copies of my fatavas had been kept in record, they would have been equal to four Fatawa–Alamgiri. Fatava Naziria consist of three volumes(2010 edition). The first volume consist of 278 fatavas in which Kitab ul Eman wal Aqaid has Greatest 47 Fatavas and Kitab ut Taraveeh  has lowest 4 fatavas. In second volume there are 379 fatavas from which 135 are from Kitab un Nikah and least of Kitabul Mazariba Walbizah are 2. In third volume there are 285 fatavas in which Kitab ut Talaq Walkhula has 57 and lowest fatava is in Kitab ul Mirage which is only one. The total amount of fatavas is 942. He opted different styles in reply of different questions for example: verses of Holy Quran, ahadith, Explanation of ahadith, fiqh, explanation of fiqh, contemporary books of fatavas, dictionaries and mysticism were used as sources of citation


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