The Role of Law in Promoting Sustainable Business Innovations

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Muneeba Faizan Nazim
Sohail Amjad
Saba Iqbal


In recent years, the imperative of sustainable development has gained increasing attention globally, prompting businesses to adopt innovative practices that prioritize environmental and social responsibility. However, achieving sustainability goals requires more than just corporate goodwill; it necessitates a supportive legal framework that incentivizes and regulates sustainable business innovations. This research article examines the multifaceted role of law in fostering sustainable business practices and innovation. Through a comprehensive analysis of existing literature and case studies, this article explores the ways in which legal mechanisms can facilitate and drive sustainable innovation within the business sector. Additionally, it discusses challenges and opportunities associated with legal frameworks in promoting sustainable business innovations and provides recommendations for policymakers and businesses to enhance their collaborative efforts towards achieving sustainable development goals.

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Faizan Nazim, M., Sohail Amjad, & Saba Iqbal. (2024). The Role of Law in Promoting Sustainable Business Innovations. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 1081-1090. Retrieved from