Response of Judiciary to Military Intervention in Pakistan During Pervaiz Musharraf Era

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Asim Niaz Khan
Azmat Ali Shah


In Pakistan, Military has intervened four times directly in politics of nation. However, it is an unfortunate, that in Pakistan, the judiciary, being the custodian of the constitution, has not properly performed its duties and failed in safeguarding the constitution against the aggressive attempts of dictators on constitution. The evil nexus of army and judiciary has halted the way of Pakistan in many respects. This research work is about to explore the dynamics of military interventions in politics under the leadership of Pervaiz Musharraf on Oct 12, 1999 against the elected government of Nawaz Sharif and to highlight the response of judiciary to the actions of Musharraf. The Musharraf Era (1999-2008), Pakistan has witnessed many ups and down that changed the overall outlook of the Pakistan on social, economic and political sides. This research work is qualitative in nature and post-positivist approach has been adopted as philosophical foundation for the research. The researchers have gathered the data from both primary and secondary sources and Thematic Analysis has been carried while analyzing the data for obtaining the results. It is suggested by this study that efficient legal and constitutional measures should be taken in order to refrain the military from interventions in politics and the judiciary should be empowered in such manner that it could resist any attempt on the constitution.

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