Climate Variability and Seasonal Migration A Case Study of Local Community in Murree

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Muhammad Waqas
Nasir Mehmood Khan
Arif Mahmood Khan


Globally, climate change has a profound impact on many areas due to the variability in temperature and precipitation. It has attracted significant attention from researchers during the past few decades. Pakistan is listed among the most vulnerable countries that are experiencing both slow and fast-onset climate change events. Seasonal migration is development of moving for stage of time in retort to typical weather conditions. People move for a diversity of reason. Researcher elaborates the benefit and disadvantage of stay at origin and destination by exploring factors and impacts of migration on families. Study is designed to explore Seasonal migration of families living in Murree. Because migration is gaining gravity with the passage of time and has social, economic and environmental impacts over societies. The study is focused to investigate the factors behind seasonal migration in migrant families and to access the impact of seasonal migration on migrant families. Research is conducted in Tehsil Murree district Rawalpindi. Murree is nearest to Islamabad and the regulatory focal point of Tehsil Murree between Punjab territories within Pakistan. It is between a sections of Rawalpindi region and incorporates the parts of mountains around. Sample size of two hundred respondents is selected through Simple Random sampling techniques. Researcher used triangulation method for better understanding about the under investigating problem data collected through questionnaire and in-depth interviews. After collection of data it is analyzed through thematic analysis. There are numerous factors of seasonal migration such as climate change, better health, education, entrepreneurship opportunities. Climate change is the major factor of seasonal migration that forces people to leave their origin to destination. There are also several impacts of seasonal migration on families that is socio-economic, cultural, environmental and demographic. Major impact of seasonal migration on families is economic impact migrant families have to spend extra money when they shifted to another place.

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Waqas, M., Nasir Mehmood Khan, & Arif Mahmood Khan. (2024). Climate Variability and Seasonal Migration A Case Study of Local Community in Murree. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 904-908. Retrieved from