The Evolution of Linguistic Strategies in Digital News Discourse: A Comparative Analysis

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Imran Nazeer
Khadija Ghulam Hussain
Saima Jamshaid


This research examines how language changes in the headline titles of Pakistani digital newspapers over time and how the narrative structures in the articles written online in Pakistan have been dynamically evolving. For this study, a big data corpus of five years (2019-2023) was used along with a source of newspaper articles from five different sources. Following text analysis of a range of analysis tools, including NLP, discourse, critical discourse, quantitative vocabulary and linguistic richness of words, sentiment analysis, and syntax structure analysis, the research concluded that there had been great changes in the way Pakistani digital news used their language and stories with greater vocabulary diversity, shifting sentiment, and media elements becoming more high tech. Research has demonstrated that the Pakistani digital news discourse in terms of language variety and narrative sophistication has been enhanced substantially, which signals societal and technological development. Digital news aggregator companies in Pakistan should continue innovating their language strategies and storyline structures to captivate their readers and continuously match the cultural and societal contexts.

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Imran Nazeer, Khadija Ghulam Hussain, & Saima Jamshaid. (2024). The Evolution of Linguistic Strategies in Digital News Discourse: A Comparative Analysis. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 917-930. Retrieved from