Stylistic Analysis of The Poem ‘Arrival of The Monsoon’ by Taufiq Rafat

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Adnan Aziz
Muhammad Usman
Maryum Tariq


         Taufiq Rafat is regarded as inaugural of English language poetry and writing in Pakistan and was a follower of Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot and W.H. Auden. He has showed the true culture of Pakistan through his writings. The aimed work is about the stylistic analysis of the poem “The Arrival of Monsoon” by Taufiq Rafat. This poem is taken from Taufiq Rafat’s  collection of poems  “The Arrival of Monsoon”. The selected poem will be evaluate at the five levels. The Phonological level deals with the formulation of sound in a system. The morphological level inspects the system of word formation and the regulations of affixation. The syntactic level studies the sentence arrangement used by a poet for a specific intention. The graphological level which deals with the study of penned scheme of language . The pragmatic level studies the circumstantial interpretation.  The present work aims to highlight how the poet communicate his information by depicting the mentioned levels.  The work is also beneficial to inspect the framework and the manner of Taufiq Rafat’s poetry and his motives , analysis and the depiction of scenery and hope.


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