Emotional Intelligence and Resilience among Hearing Impaired Adolescent

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Hadia Ghaffar
Dr Saima Ehsan


The present research paper was intended to examine the relationship between the resilience and emotional intelligence of hearing-impaired adolescents. The convenient sampling technique was used to collect the data from the population. The sample consisted of n=504 hearing-impaired adolescents from special education institutions. Connor-Davidson's Resilience scale and Wong and Law's Emotional Intelligence scale were analyzed. results demonstrated that there was a significant relationship between resilience and emotional intelligence.  It was also found that resilience positively predicted emotional intelligence. In terms of demographic variables, findings also depicted that age, gender, and education have a significant difference in resilience and emotional intelligence. 

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Ghaffar, H., & Dr Saima Ehsan. (2024). Emotional Intelligence and Resilience among Hearing Impaired Adolescent. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 807-813. Retrieved from https://ijhs.com.pk/index.php/IJHS/article/view/453