Analysing the Role of Pakistan Studies Curriculum in Enhancing Citizenship Behaviour among Secondary School Students

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Dr. Muhammad Iqbal
Dr Azhar Mahmood
Muhammad Saleem Shahzad


Peace and harmony in a society can be fostered through civic education. The study's goals were to examine how civics education was covered in Pakistani secondary school textbooks in the province of Punjab. The purpose of this mixed-methods study was to investigate the civic education content of the Pakistan studies curriculum and to gauge teachers' views on the subject's place in the classroom. The study looked into how civic education is integrated into secondary school studies curricula in Pakistan. The researcher looked into how well textbooks match up with lessons. The sample size for this quantitative analysis of the Pakistani education system was 7425 active educators. The qualitative sample, on the other hand, was made up of 27 professional educators. The first step involved conducting a content study of the Pakistan studies textbooks and curriculum documents used in grades 9 and 10. The interview data from this study were examined using theme analysis. Quantitative information was evaluated using both descriptive and inferential statistics in the second stage. Interest among educators was characterized using frequency, percentage, and mean descriptive statistics. The study used inferential statistics, including the t-test for independent samples and the one-way analysis of variance, to evaluate its hypotheses. The results demonstrate that teaching politics in Pakistan Studies courses is ineffective. Pakistani students lack political awareness since the curriculum does not provide them with any hands-on experience with politics or political issues. Only 5% of classroom time is devoted to teaching students about politics. So, it's been suggested that the curriculum should include more information about politics or political issues, as well as information about basic human rights like the right to a free and fair trial, the right to privacy and religious freedom, the freedom to travel and own property, and the right to be free from slavery.

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Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, Dr Azhar Mahmood, & Muhammad Saleem Shahzad. (2024). Analysing the Role of Pakistan Studies Curriculum in Enhancing Citizenship Behaviour among Secondary School Students. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 745-758. Retrieved from