Improving Speaking Skills through English Movies at Higher Secondary level

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Mamoona Hameed
Syeda Tahira Sherazi
Syyed Sheraz Ali Sherazi
Faryal Tahir Sherazi


The current era is the name of globalization. Communication makes this globalization stronger. English language is the language of science and technology and is prevailing s an international language. This research aims to improve speaking skills In English at a higher secondary level. Pakistani students face difficulty communicating in English as it's not their native language. To cope with this difficulty students, need some effective ways of learning. This study focuses a on very effective and interesting way of learning by using English movies. It is qualitative research to adopt new methods for English learning. The hard work of the teachers cannot be ignored but the advancement of time demands some new methods. Adoption of a new way, learning by watching English movies with subtitles is helpful for the students to express their thoughts with in a meaningful manner. For this purpose, Students of the higher secondary level were selected randomly. Pre and posttest were designed to check the effects of movies ii learning. Results showed a significant difference in the scores of the students of the control and experimental groups. The Study concluded that there are positive and effective results of watching movies in learning of England speaking skills among the students of higher secondary level.


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Mamoona Hameed, Syeda Tahira Sherazi, Syyed Sheraz Ali Sherazi, & Faryal Tahir Sherazi. (2024). Improving Speaking Skills through English Movies at Higher Secondary level. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 549-557. Retrieved from
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Faryal Tahir Sherazi, Department of English, University of Sahiwal, Sahiwal, Pakistan