Relationship between Democracy and Peace: Perception of University Students

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Muqarrab Akbar
Dr. Muhammad Fawad Rasool
Saira Akram
Fatima Shahid


It is commonly perceived that democracy and peace and interdependent. A truly democratic society can have an everlasting peace. This paper explores the relationship between democracy and peace by exploring the behaviour of democratic state. Different kinds of democracy and peace are discussed in this paper. The research is being conducted to inspect that democracy leads to peace or peace leads to democracy. Democratic Peace Theory and its critics are discussed in detail in this paper. This paper explores the opinion of Mix method is used to conduct this study. Convenient sampling technique is used to conduct this research from a sample of 300 students of BS and MPhil level students of Political Science from Multan. The paper concludes that democratic states are more peaceful in resolving conflicts particularly with other democratic states. The role of individual leaders is very vital in the actions of democratic states.

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Muqarrab Akbar, Dr. Muhammad Fawad Rasool, Saira Akram, & Fatima Shahid. (2024). Relationship between Democracy and Peace: Perception of University Students. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 518-527. Retrieved from