US Indo-Pacific Strategy: Implications for Pakistan

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Amir Khalil
Muhammad Waqar
Muqarrab Akbar


The term Indo-pacific strategy is used to contain China in the Indo-Pacific Ocean region. The combined partnership between US and India is named as Indo-pacific strategy. India can be a counterbalance for US in the region but it would be an immense security threat for Pakistan. India is in a strong position to play a role of US ally in order to counter China in the region by keeping an eye on China in the region. The United States is backing India in its economic activities, health, and infrastructure and as well as supporting its growth in maritime security. With the patronage of US, if India got status of hegemonic power in the region, it might throw Pakistan’s stability under threat. Through this research article, the researchers will try to find out, how US-India partnership will affect Pakistan especially, its naval security? The paper explores impact of Indo- US alliance on CPEC. What could be the possible measurements taken by Pakistan, in order to counter the partnership in the region? Historical, descriptive and exploratory approaches have been used for the research. Pakistan needs a comprehensive strategy to counter the US Indo-Pacific Strategy.

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