Consumer attitude towards Informal E-commerce: A case of Emerging Economy

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Prof. Dr. Sudhair Abbas Bangash
Nooreen Zaki
Muhammad Khizar Hayat Naeem
Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad


Due to the Coronavirus, several enterprises that had little or no internet sales previously have launched their online storefronts, making up the majority of their sales through the internet channel. The same is true for the consumer who has never made an internet purchase before and has been compelled to modify their shopping habits. This study looks at how online informal e-commerce is accepted and used in Pakistan. This study looked into how consumers are using online and informal e-commerce to protect themselves from COVID-19. The influence of the pandemic on customer replies to informal e-commerce intention was validated by the results of a statewide online poll. This research adds to informal e-commerce and protection motivation theory literature. The findings suggest that retailers should invest in internet commerce. The conclusions of this study emphasize the importance of online commerce system management for marketers and merchants.

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Prof. Dr. Sudhair Abbas Bangash, Nooreen Zaki, Muhammad Khizar Hayat Naeem, & Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad. (2024). Consumer attitude towards Informal E-commerce: A case of Emerging Economy. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 507-518. Retrieved from