Exploring the Effectiveness of Online Assessment Methods in Higher Education

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Dr. Ayesha Afzal
Fiza Zia
Shahzadi Aroosh Khan


This research investigates the impact of online assessments on student perceptions, performance, and engagement in private universities in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Grounded in the positivist paradigm, the study adopts a cross-sectional survey design with stratified random sampling, involving 520 students across diverse disciplines. Findings reveal overwhelmingly positive student perceptions, emphasizing the convenience, confidence, fairness, and engagement facilitated by online assessments. The study demonstrates a strong positive relationship between online assessments, academic outcomes, and motivation. Additionally, students express high satisfaction with the quality and impact of online feedback. The research contributes valuable insights into the evolving landscape of online assessments, emphasizing their significance in enhancing student learning experiences and outcomes. Institutions are recommended to implement strategies aimed at optimizing online assessment practices.

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Dr. Ayesha Afzal, Fiza Zia, & Shahzadi Aroosh Khan. (2024). Exploring the Effectiveness of Online Assessment Methods in Higher Education. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 237-253. Retrieved from https://ijhs.com.pk/index.php/IJHS/article/view/377