Blasphemy Laws in Contemporary Legal Systems

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Asif khan
Nagina Riaz
Muhammad Usman


Blasphemy laws have been a subject of controversy and debate across numerous legal systems globally. This research article aims to delve into the complexities and implications surrounding blasphemy laws within contemporary legal frameworks. It explores the historical context, current status, and the evolving nature of these laws, analyzing their impact on freedom of expression, religious harmony, and societal cohesion. Additionally, the article examines diverse cultural perspectives, international standards, and the challenges in reconciling freedom of speech with the protection of religious sentiments. It evaluates recent trends, debates, and reforms pertaining to blasphemy laws in various countries, shedding light on the legal, social, and ethical dimensions of this contentious issue.

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Asif khan, Nagina Riaz, & Muhammad Usman. (2024). Blasphemy Laws in Contemporary Legal Systems. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 164-171. Retrieved from