Court Marriage and its Impact on Pakistani Society

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Tayyaba Yasmin
DR Saeedah Shah
Sidra Kanwel


This Research paper will explore the adverse effects of court marriage in Pakistan. The right to marry is a fundamental right all over the world. However, in Pakistan, it is considered a crime when it is violated by a significant and sane couple who wants to marry or take a step to marry without the consent of his/her legal guardian/wali. However, it is considered a regular practice in the whole world. This pious activity becomes a crime/offense against societal norms, customs, and traditions. Society does not allow a major person to use his legal right, which is given by his/her religious & and legal system. The guardians infringe his/her legal right by inducing their own choices liking or disliking according to their social standards. A few practical and legal complications were faced by their loss of self-respect, murder on behalf of self-defense, and generation-to-generation family disputes. The qualitative research has been applied of the following article.

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