The Role of Transformational Leadership on Employees Innovative Performance in Colleges in Punjab

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Shajar Abbas
Dr. Khawaja Hisham-Ul-Hassan
Saqib Raza



This qualitative research article investigates the transformative leadership's effects on innovative performance in colleges, contributing to the understanding of leadership strategies that promote creativity and progress in higher education institutions. The study inspects Transformational leadership's impact on college production through knowledge and innovation, the role of organizational culture in fostering innovative conduct, the influence of commitment to change on work performance, and the variability of these factors across different contexts. The findings, based on current research on transformational leadership and innovative performance in higher education, indicate that leadership has a considerable impact on innovative performance in institutions. Additionally, commitment to change emerges as a critical factor in promoting innovative work behavior in organizations. The connection between creative performance and transformational leadership varies across different contexts, highlighting the need for further investigation in this area. The study's theoretical foundation is based on the work of James McGregor Burns, who first distinguished between transactional and transformational leadership. In higher education institutions, transformational leadership has been found to have a significant impact on organizational performance and innovation.

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Abbas, S., Dr. Khawaja Hisham-Ul-Hassan, & Raza, S. (2024). The Role of Transformational Leadership on Employees Innovative Performance in Colleges in Punjab. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(1), 46-63. Retrieved from
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Shajar Abbas, Ph.D. Scholar of Education, Superior University, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan

Student of PHD in Education

Dr. Khawaja Hisham-Ul-Hassan, Associate Professor, Superior University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Associate Professor