Published: 2024-05-18

Effects of Climate change on the Rural Livelihood: A Sociological Study

Muhammad Nafees Ashraf , Muhammad Kamran , Laiba Tahir, Muhammad Arqim Ghumman


Constructivism in a Changing World: Adaptation and Contribution to Global Politics

Nassir Nazir, Muhammad Sohrab Saleem, Dr. Raziq Hussain, Ehtisham Ali


Utilizing Digital Tools For English Language Teaching In The 21st Century

Ali Hayat, Sajjad Hussain, Ayman Riheel Alnaas Taha


The Transition of Administrative Machinery: Governor of Punjab from Ancient Times to British Raj

Abubaker Atique, Prof. Dr. Javid Akhtar, Prof. Dr. (R) Muhammad Farooq


Analyzing the Diplomatic Issues in Pakistan: 2008-2013

Muhammad Mubeen Gohar, Prof. Dr. Lubna Kanwal


Woman Subordination: The Classical and Contemporary Theoretical Discussion

Sheraz Ali, Maryam Imad, Muhammad Asghar Khan , Majid Khan


Destination And Direction of Pakistan's Textile Exports: An Application of Hidden Markov Chain Approach

Muhammad Afaq Hussain, Atif Khan Jadoon, Ghulam Nabi, Shabbir Ahmed


Rehabilitation Over Incarceration: An Analysis of Probation Laws in the Criminal Justice System of Pakistan

Muhammad Babar Shaheen, Muhammad Sulyman Akbar, Muhammad Waqas Sarwar, Hafiz Muhammad Azeem


A Critical Discourse Analysis of Speeches by Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif at the United Nations General Assembly

Beenish Anwar, Dr Faiqa Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad Haseeb Nawaz, Hira Munir


Role of African Union on Somalia’s Peace Building and Reconstruction

Hamdi Osman Muhumed, Dr. Sheikh Waleed Rasool


Impact Of Mass Migration In Reshaping The World

Walija Mumtaz, Dr.Muhammad Ramzan


Flaws In Child Protection Laws In Pakistan: Under The Umbrella Of International Standards

Muhammad Awais Akhtar, Dr. Sheikh Muhammad Adnan, Khurram Baig, Abid Hussain Shah