Analyzing the Diplomatic Issues in Pakistan: 2008-2013

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Muhammad Mubeen Gohar
Prof. Dr. Lubna Kanwal


The following research paper examines the fragile diplomatic landscape of Pakistan during the 4th Regime of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) from 2008-2013. The article focusses on the major issues that had profound impact on Pakistan’s foreign relations. The paper includes events likely the divesting Mumbai attack in November 2008 as well as the controversial Abbottabad Operation in May 2011, which resulted the killing of Osama Bin Laden. The research provides a critical appraisal that how the PPP Government handled these events, and more especially its tense relations with the US. The study also examines the impact of controversial Kerry-Luger Bill (KLB), and NATO forces attack on the Salala Check-Post. Furthermore, the article discusses the Raymond Davis incident, which brought widespread anger of Pakistani nation against the CIA contractor. Keeping in view the above events, the paper offers a detailed investigation of the complexities that marked Pakistan diplomacy under the PPP Regime.

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