Constructivism in a Changing World: Adaptation and Contribution to Global Politics

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Nassir Nazir
Muhammad Sohrab Saleem
Dr. Raziq Hussain
Ehtisham Ali


Constructivism is considered as a key and influential international theory and is an influential counterpart of liberalism and realism concepts. The constructivism at the early stages initiated from its developmental stages since time of the third great debates referring with pragmatism, the scholars at its initial stages brought the concepts like norms, values, rules, speech and inter-subjectivism which were referred as social construction, after this the theory emerged as one of the most important and influential one in the field of knowledge like realism and liberalism and in such a way constructivism stood among the aforementioned approaches which brought a revolution in the field of knowledge and provided another gateway for knowledge generation and thinking. Considering constructivism approach and its understanding on the basis of the literature and the facts it may be concluded that constructivism has played a remarkable role in the global politics linking kay aspects of the life with basic human values and basic aspects of life and is still playing a central role in changing the world in almost all the aspects of life including economy, environment, religion, technology, war and peace considerations which are directly linked with global political decisions and landscape which has changed the world to greater aspect and in such a way it may be considered that it has remarkable contribution in the global politics as well and the same may seem to be strengthened in the future.

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Nassir Nazir, Muhammad Sohrab Saleem, Dr. Raziq Hussain, & Ehtisham Ali. (2024). Constructivism in a Changing World: Adaptation and Contribution to Global Politics. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(2), 97-113. Retrieved from