A Thematic Study of Executive-Judiciary Relations in Pakistan during Zardari Era (2008-2013)

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Shaista Gohar
Tasneem Sarwat


This article examines the relationship between executive and judiciary in Pakistan during Zardari era. Due to the Chief Justice's suo motu actions, President Musharraf suspended him. In response, a strong mass effort to reinstate the chief justice was launched. Meanwhile, the chief justice and other deposed justices were supposed to be reinstated by the PPP administration that was created as a result of the 2008 general election, but this proved to be untrue. Nevertheless, the chief justice was reinstated after a year of constant delay tactics, and the judiciary developed into such a strong institution that it was able to convict a prime minister. In this article a thematic study is done to understand the position of relationship of the two institutions on various junctures. This article finds that in the above mentioned era most of the time had strained relations between the two institutions. At the end some recommendations are given for smooth relations between the two institutions and avoid tussles. For this article data is mostly collected through secondary sources like journal articles, reliable newspaper articles and books. Qualitative method is applied and descriptive-analytical technique is used.

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Gohar, S., Tasneem Sarwat, & Sumayya. (2024). A Thematic Study of Executive-Judiciary Relations in Pakistan during Zardari Era (2008-2013) . INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(2), 17-24. Retrieved from http://ijhs.com.pk/index.php/IJHS/article/view/539