Effects of Climate change on the Rural Livelihood: A Sociological Study

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Muhammad Nafees Ashraf
Muhammad Kamran
Laiba Tahir
Muhammad Arqim Ghumman


Current study has been designed to check the effects of climate variations on rural livelihoods. The development of nations around the world is proven to be at risk from climate change. The production of agriculture in Asia's developing nations is predicted to suffer significantly from climate change in the future. Pakistan is one of those nations that are suffering from climate change. The country is already struggling with issues like poverty and food security, which pose a threat to the expansion of agriculture. Climate change is worsening these issues because it causes water shortages to last longer and slow down economic growth. The economy of Pakistan is heavily reliant on agriculture, and climate change is a major source of worry. In these days’ changes of climate have bad impacts on the sector of agriculture, due to climate changes Agriculture and livestock sector is affected badly. Change in climate condition’s also effect to our social, natural and cultural resources. It also becomes the reason of rising temperature and lot of other problems for human beings as well as for agriculture and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, it also a major cause to lack of food availability, accessibility, production of food related items and soil erosion. On the other hand, rise in temperature push to agriculture and livestock disease. Due to climate changes Due to their reliance on the output of their farms, which is having a significant negative impact, Pakistani farmers are dealing with a great deal of hardships. This study was helped out to understand and identify the influences of environmental changes particularly in district Layyah. This study was conducted in district Layyah. Multistage sampling was used for the collection of data. Three union councils was selected at first phase by using convenient sampling methods at second phase six villages was selected. At third phase, 150 respondents were designated randomly and get data (25 respondents from each village). Data was gathered by using interview schedule and was analyzed by using SPSS and presented in the form of descriptive and inferential statistics. Data shows that 62.0% respondents observed the effect of climate change on reproduction for the some extent while 5.3% respondent observed no change. findings reveals that 46.7% respondents observed the influence of environment variation to chance of disease occurrence on livestock for the great extent 76.7% respondents observed that crop productivity badly affected due to climate change. On the bases of findings it was concluded that Pakistan is facing is climate change that affects the crop productivity and ultimately livelihood of farmers that is directly associated with the crops and livestock.

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Muhammad Nafees Ashraf, Muhammad Kamran, Laiba Tahir, & Muhammad Arqim Ghumman. (2024). Effects of Climate change on the Rural Livelihood: A Sociological Study . INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 4(2), 41-51. Retrieved from http://ijhs.com.pk/index.php/IJHS/article/view/538