Difficulties In Learning English Language As A Second Language, At Secondary Level In Dir Upper

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Abid Ali
Ayaz Ahmad Khan


This study explores into the challenges encountered by English learners at the secondary level in Dir Upper, Wari. It elucidates that English teachers in this region often lack adequate training in language instruction. Moreover, the study highlights the prevalent use of the Grammar Translation Method (GTM) by teachers, which poses difficulties for students as it encourages seeking parallels between English and their native language, an approach that is not conducive to effective language acquisition.

Furthermore, the research underscores the insufficient emphasis on reading skills in English language instruction in Dir Upper, Wari. Reading comprehension is a fundamental aspect of language learning, yet it receives limited attention in classrooms. Additionally, the study reveals that the use of the native language alongside English instruction creates numerous obstacles for learners. This bilingual approach can lead to confusion, particularly due to the divergent grammatical structures of Pashto and English, resulting in students attempting direct translations based on Pashto grammar rules.

To sum it up, this research sheds light on the deficiencies in English language education in Dir Upper, Wari, emphasizing the need for improved teacher training, a shift away from the GTM, and a greater focus on reading skills development, along with minimizing the use of the native language in English instruction to enhance the learning experience for students.

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