The Timurid Rulers: An Appraisal of Ameer Timur

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Kurbonov Itolmas Botirovich


The person who got popularity across the globe, second after Alexander the Great, was Ameer Timur, or , Tamerlane-as he was known on this name. Taking his family link from another famous warrior, Changez Khan (Turkis origin), he inherited chieftainship from his father Targai (Ameer Targai/Targai Khan) and after following the footsteps of his predecessors including his father and also Changez Khan. In a very less time, he extended the border of his and established a gigantic empire consisting of famous Transoxiana, some area of Turkistan, Afghanistan, Persia, Syria, Kurdistan and a major part of Asia Minor. The areas he conquered in his lifetime were only second to the conquests of Alexander. He established his position as a able ruler and administrator left no time and provided justice to his subject; he focused almost every aspect of administration and ensured proper financial system which was based on taking effective monetary measures including revenue generation and tax collection. Likely, he focused on construction of buildings which added much glory to and fascination to his empire. This research paper attempts to analyse and know how Ameer Taimur administered his empire and what measures he adopted which resulted in earning him reputation across the globe.

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