Dehumanizing Metaphors used in the War on Terror Discourse

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Siraj Khan
Dr. Syed Sajjad Ali
Arif Khan


This paper is devoted to exploring allusion, metonymy, and metaphor- the linguistic devices used in political rhetoric for transaction and interaction. Taking political discourse analysis perspective, this study attempts to analyze textual data, 236 lexical items, published in The Baltic Times (2006) and The Times (2006). The analysis is envisaged from the perspective of linguistic manipulations. The data revealed the use of three major linguistics devices: phraseological allusions for persuasion and influence, metonymy for connection with masses, and metaphors to persuade the audience. One of the conclusions that the authors have arrived at is that the linguistic manipulation can be considered as an influential instrument of political rhetoric.

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Khan, S., Dr. Syed Sajjad Ali, & Arif Khan. (2023). Dehumanizing Metaphors used in the War on Terror Discourse. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY, 3(4), 221-228. Retrieved from