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Shams Tabraiz


The early days of the twentieth century were extremely difficult for Indian Muslims. After the fall of Muslim rule, Muslims faced many problems at the same time. Religious values ​​were also being attacked. Muslims were also prone to backwardness at the political and social level. The economic condition of the Muslims was also deteriorating day by day. Due to the tyranny of the British government, the Indian people, especially the Muslims, were living in a world of extreme despair and helplessness. At every stage of his life he was a victim of British oppression, bigotry and bigotry. A number of movements were started by the Ulema to expel the British from the country. The establishment of Darul Uloom Deoband was the most important step in this regard. The greatest struggle in this regard was waged by the silk handkerchief movement which was successfully sacrificed a few steps away. Due to a few traitors, the British thwarted this movement and even demoralized the scholars. After Shaykh-ul-Hind went to jail, there was silence for many years. Ulema also limited their responsibilities to madrassas.

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