An Approach To Understanding The Essence Of Blended Learning Technology In Universities


Maria Sarwar1


In recent years globalization processes have been taking place in the world, so more and more information technologies are being introduced into the educational process. Blended learning is an important tendency in modern education and, according to experts who make forecasts for further development, will remain so in the next decade. This is an educational approach that combines face-to-face instruction with the teacher and online learning, involves elements of independent control by the student of the educational route, time, place and learning pace, as well as the integration of learning experience with the teacher and online, this is a combination of traditional forms of classroom learning with elements of e-learning, which uses special information technologies such as computer graphics, audio and video, interactive elements.

The authors consider blended learning as a technology that allows more efficient use of the advantages of both full-time learning and e-learning, and to level or mutually compensate for the disadvantages of each of them. The authors offer pedagogical conditions for the effective implementation of this direction in the educational process, as well as identify barriers that impede the implementation of this project. Also they reveal the interactive properties of individual elements that can more effectively implement online learning in blended learning technology, possible options for implementing blended learning in the educational process based on an analysis of existing models and methods of organizing blended learning in educational organizations.


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